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            Maintenance Programs

            Maintenance Programs

            The primary goals of Fleming’s Maintenance Programs are to avoid or mitigate the consequences of equipment failure. The programs are designed to provide preventive maintenance in an attempt to avoid failures, unnecessary production loss and safety violations. Successful implementation of a maintenance program will lead to increase in cost effectiveness, machine uptime, and a greater understanding of the level of risk that an organization is managing.

            After different variations of research is conducted, certified personnel will determine a maintenance program that best and most efficiently maintains equipment installed. Scheduled preventative maintenance can record equipment deterioration, conduct activity testing, check fluid measurements, make seasonal weather adjustments, and replace worn parts or components that prevent faults from occurring.

            Ideally, Fleming Maintenance Programs would 100% protect equipment from all failure. But in all reality, there is always a small chance equipment can fail. Unlikely events caused by operator error, non-predictable acts of nature, etc. create a need for Fleming’s 24/7 Emergency Services. When the risk of such failures is very high, Fleming encourages (and sometimes mandates) the user to consider changing something which will reduce the risk to a tolerable level. In many cases, the cost of downtime in production and replacing the equipment alone can surpass the cost of initial installation, equipment and the Maintenance Program on a system. It is also important to consider health, safety and environmental issues related to malfunctioning equipment. Contact us to start your electrical equipment maintenance schedule today!


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