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            image descriptionNorthwest Arkansas Office Wins Award

            Contractors who participate in SWEPCO’s energy efficiency programs across Northwest Arkansas gathered Dec. 3 for an appreciation luncheon in Fayetteville.

            An earlier luncheon in Texarkana was held for contractors working in Southwest Arkansas.

            Phil Watkins, SWEPCO’s Energy Efficiency Consumer Programs Manager, thanked contractors for their work and described the program approval process at the Arkansas Public Service Commission. He noted the Commission approval of SWEPCO’s $5.876 million budget for 2016. SWEPCO will soon its programs for the 2017-2019 program years. Watkins also discussed the ongoing program evaluation that takes place as part of Commission oversight of electric and natural gas energy efficiency programs. The evaluation includes surveys and interviews of contractors and incentive recipients.

            Representatives with CLEAResult, SWEPCO’s contractor for administration of energy efficiency programs in Arkansas, provided overviews of the residential, small business and commercial/industrial programs. They also presented seven awards to the top participants in each program area. SWEPCO provides financial incentives for the installation of qualifying energy-efficient improvements with the following programs:


            • Residential Lighting
            • ENERGY STAR® Appliances
            • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
            • Residential Standard Offer


            • Small Business Direct Install
            • Commercial & Industrial

            For program information, visit www.SWEPCOgridSMART.com.